We can deliver the following public courses or seminars designated specifically for the E&P industry:

• Production Logging Interpretation

• Well Test Design and Analysis

• Well Test Analysis for a Well in Multi-well Water Drive Reservoir

• Numerical Well Test Methods

• Production Decline Curve Analysis

• Production Performance Diagnostics Using Field Production Data

• Production Decline Curve Analysis in Water Flood Reservoir

• Decline Curve Analysis and Diagnostic Methods for Performance Forecasting

• Wireline Formation Testing and Interpretation

• Distributed Fiber-Optic Monitoring And Its Application In Production Optimization Control And Intelligent Well Systems

• Interpretating Data From Permanent Downhole Gauges

• Smart wells and Intelligent Oilfield Management

• Optimal Well Spacing Configurations For Water Drive Reservoirs

• Applied Reservoir Engineering

• Gas Condensates and Volatile Oil Reservoir Engineering

• Reservoir Simulation Methods

• Tracer Tests